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Bergenfield is in Bergen County, in the U.S. state of New Jersey. Bergenfield borders Cresskill, Dumont, Englewood, New Milford, Teaneck, and Tenafly municipalities. The borough form of administration, utilized by 218 municipalities (out of 564) in the state, is the most prevalent kind of government in New Jersey and governs Bergenfield.

Brief History

A vote on June 25, 1894, formed Bergenfield from parts of Palisades Township and Englewood Township. The “Boroughitis” craze, which spread throughout Bergen County in 1894 alone, led to the establishment of the borough.

Travel Services

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Destination Wedding Planning

For the ideal beach wedding, UTravel Now, based in Bergenfield, NJ, offers destination wedding planning services in the Caribbean, Mexico, Antigua, and other breathtaking locales. Regardless of where you choose to exchange your wedding vows, UTravel Now will help you with the legal components of a destination wedding and tailor each to your individual needs. Our staff of destination wedding planners will be by your side every step, so your ideas, plans, and dreams for your destination wedding may become reality.

Honeymoon Packages

We at UTravel Now in Bergenfield, NJ recognize that your honeymoon is one of your most treasured memories. We work very hard to make your honeymoon unforgettable. Every couple can celebrate the start of a new chapter in the most exotic places. With our distinctive and romantic packages, UTravel Now is ready to make your dream honeymoon come true, whether sailing around islands, going on safari, or visiting multiple locations.

Cruise Vacations

We at UTravel Now plan unique cruises to some of the most well-liked locations on Earth. We have the ideal cruise choice, whether you’re searching for an opulent escape, an exciting family vacation, or a themed cruise that suits your interests. Contact us to begin your fantastic journey and arrange your ideal cruise trip.

Family Adventures

At UTravel Now in Bergenfield, NJ, we specialize in organizing fantastic family vacations to some of the most popular locations on the planet. From the stunning landscapes of Disneyland and Disney World to the thrilling rides and attractions of Universal Studios, we promise your family, young or old, a magical and unforgettable experience. Please provide the information so you may concentrate on creating cherished family memories.

All-Inclusive Resort Getaways

With UTravel Now, you can access a gateway to paradise. Our all-inclusive resort entrances to gorgeous beach locations offer the perfect getaway. Take advantage of a wide range of activities, delicious meals, unlimited drinks, and cozy lodgings—all easily included. Please give us the specifics so you can enjoy every second.

Luxury Travel Experiences

UTravel Now, based in Bergenfield, NJ, offers luxury travel experiences and vacations. Enjoy the best offers on rentable private villas, upscale travel, and VIP service at famous resorts and locations. We design customized vacation experiences that can satisfy all of your needs.

Group Travel Planning

Group travel planning involves arranging travel for individuals, usually ten or more. There will be moments when it becomes too much to bear, and you’ll require the assistance of professionals in the field. When traveling with loved ones, UTravel Now provides group travel planning for straightforward excursions and thrilling adventures. Contact UTravel Now in Bergenfield, NJ right now for dependable group travel packages.

Adventure Travel

UTravel Now offers adventure travel services in Bergenfield, NJ. Trekking at high altitudes, extreme water activities, cultural immersions, and wildlife encounters are what you can expect. We have the know-how and motivation to make your adventurous fantasies come true. Get in touch with UTravel today to start organizing your next exciting journey.

Cultural Experiences

With UTravel Now, embark on a cultural journey. Our cultural tours allow visitors to discover the various traditions, histories, cuisines, and customs worldwide. Allow us to take you on unique, lifetime cultural experiences.

Eco-Tourism Adventures

Take a trip with UTravel Now, which focuses on eco-tourism, to experience nature’s beauty fully. Our dedication lies in providing sustainable travel options and eco-tourism. Experience animal conservation, participate in eco-friendly tourism activities, and stay at eco-friendly resorts. Together, let’s explore the planet and save its priceless ecosystems.

Places to Visit

Bergenfield Museum

The Bergenfield Museum is a slight but notable local institution dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history and cultural heritage of the Bergenfield area. It often features exhibits related to local history, including artifacts, photographs, and documents that highlight the community’s development over the years. The museum also hosts various events, educational programs, and special exhibits that engage the local community and visitors alike.

George Hendrickson Park

George W. Hendrickson Park is a spacious community park in Bergenfield, NJ that provides a wide range of recreational facilities for visitors of all ages. This beautiful park is dedicated to honoring the memory of George W. Hendrickson, a prominent local figure. Visitors can enjoy expansive open green spaces, well-maintained walking paths, picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports facilities, making it an ideal destination for families, friends, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Hickory Field

Hickory Field is a recreational area known for its sports facilities. It typically features multiple baseball, softball, and soccer fields, making it a popular destination for local leagues and community sports events. The field provides a space for both organized sports and casual recreational activities in Bergenfield, NJ.

We Also Offer Services to Dumont, NJ

According to UTravel Now in Dumont, NJ, traveling is an opportunity to immerse oneself in different cultures, make lifelong memories, and indulge in the better things in life. Our dedication to quality, one-on-one attention to detail, and customized service means that every trip surpasses your expectations. Why then wait? Take off on your upcoming journey with UTravel Now and explore the world in style.

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