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River Edge, NJ is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States. Two hundred eighteen statewide municipalities (out of 564) utilize the River Edge borough form of government, making it the most prevalent type in New Jersey.

Brief History

Based on the results of a vote the day before, the New Jersey Legislature passed an act on June 30, 1894, incorporating the River Edge settlement as the borough of Riverside from parts of Midland Township. On December 1, 1930, the borough changed its name to River Edge. The “Boroughitis” craze swept through Bergen County, establishing 26 boroughs in 1894 alone. The Hackensack River’s proximity to the borough gave rise to its name.

Travel Services

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Places to Visit

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park is a community park honoring those who have served in the armed forces. Residents in the area congregate for various ceremonies and events, particularly on national holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day. In addition to playgrounds, picnic areas, walking trails, and open spaces for leisure activities, parks usually have monuments or memorials honoring warriors. It’s a location where individuals can engage in outdoor activities while considering the sacrifices and efforts made by military personnel.

Brookside Park

Brookside Park, commonly called Greenway Park, is connected to Concord Drive and Monroe Avenue. It is undoubtedly a well-hidden gem with its playground, sitting areas, walking trails, and brand-new basketball courts, which were renovated in 2020. On a good day, small children enjoy the swings, and the park echoes with the calls of aspiring basketball players.

River Edge Bird Sanctuary and Nature Trail

Situated on the boundary between Paramus and River Edge, NJ, lies a hidden treasure: the River Edge Bird Sanctuary and Nature Trail. This park, tucked away behind The Shoppes on IV shopping center in Paramus, has a tranquil walking nature route and a bird sanctuary. For those who enjoy nature and bird watching, this is the perfect place to see a range of bird species in their native environment. The route provides a calm setting for a stroll, letting guests take in the splendor of the regional wildlife and vegetation. This sanctuary offers a grand haven in the middle of the suburbs, whether you’re seeking a peaceful getaway into nature or a spot to watch birds.

Van Saun County Park

Van Saun County Park is one of the places worth visiting. The Bergen County Parks Department operates Van Saun County Park, a park located in Paramus and River Edge, NJ. The Bergen County Zoological Park, which charges admission from May to October and is open year-round, is located within the park. The Safari Express is a rideable model railroad that runs around the zoo. The park also has picnic spots, a carousel, pony rides, basketball and tennis courts, a soccer field, baseball and softball fields, and a playground. 2016, the park, which encompasses the zoo, planned a significant expansion. This expansion would add an ice-skating rink, increase the number of car parking spaces at the park by hundreds, and nearly double the zoo’s size from 12 to 23 acres.

Cherry Blossom Park

It is adjacent to Cherry Hill Elementary School and is well-known for its exquisite assortment of plants and flowers, especially cherry blossoms. The park has a walking trail that lets guests take strolls while admiring the bright and colorful surroundings. The park also has places to sit so visitors can unwind and enjoy nature’s beauty. Families, wildlife enthusiasts, and anyone wanting to relax in a beautiful environment will find this place excellent.

We Also Offer Services to Bergenfield, NJ

UTravel Now, located in Bergenfield, NJ, is your ultimate destination for comprehensive travel services. We aim to make travel planning less stressful so you can relax and enjoy your gateway holiday. Whether you envision a luxurious getaway, a family adventure, or an exotic retreat, our committed staff is here to customize the ideal experience to your needs. Leave the planning of your next vacation to us so you can concentrate on making treasured memories.

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